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Oreo // Big Dipper

LG // Poolside

Kenzo // The Everything


Amnesty International // The Thrill of Victory

Uber // Doors Are Always Opening

Honda // Music From Every Angle

Gap // Meet Wearlight Denim

Hunt & Gather

Hunt & Gather is a place to explore our personal musical passions. Past collections include eerie solo-slow-dances, sultry space-age romance, fictional serial killer anthems, and songs that take a positive outlook on mortality.

2017 GEMS

The sentiment is the same but the sounds have changed. We’re still here, still getting […]

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Living In The Promiseland

Music’s always been there to help us get through tough times, whether we’re dealing with […]

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Best of 2016

This year has been, by all accounts, shite. It’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit […]

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