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Summer Covers

On 09, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In music | By Hunt & Gather

Take an iconic – and admittedly kinda cheesy – song like Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” give it a reggae twist, and you have a recipe for success. That’s the general (and wonderful) formula at hand here, with plenty of Latin and reggae takes on popular hits from back in the day, when it was common for folks outside the States to cover hit songs – ask me about my Southeast Asian funk covers mix! Unfortunately, it’s not as common nowadays, but we did include a few contemporary cuts to round it out. Lots of love for these friendly – and at times goofy – Summer covers.  Do the download here. 

In music | By Hunt & Gather

Warm Weather GEMS Jams 2015

On 09, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In music | By Hunt & Gather

It’s our second annual Warm Weather GEMS Jams compilation… YeeHaw! Enjoy these on the beach, in your convertible, or alone at home next to the air conditioning unit. Do the download here.

In music | By Hunt & Gather

2014 GEMS

On 09, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In music | By Hunt & Gather

Rejoice! It’s time for the annual ‘Some Of The Best Songs You May Not Have Heard Yet’ mix.

Download here.

Prepare yourself to be introduced to music from Frankie Cosmos, Kingsley Bloom, Tkay Maidza, Black Hearts Club, Nick Mulvey, Kevin Morby, Lydia Ainsworth, Shamir, Parla, and many more. These names may mean little to you now, but, if all goes as planned, they’ll become close confidants by the time you’re done listening.

And if you happen to enjoy any of the music, please support the artists by going to their shows and sending them your love and money.

Interested in digging deeper? You can still get some of the past years mixes…

2013 GEMS 

2012 GEMS 

2011 GEMS 


Big hugs and merry new year,



In music | By Hunt & Gather