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By Hunt & Gather

Living In The Promiseland

On 15, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In music | By Hunt & Gather

Music’s always been there to help us get through tough times, whether we’re dealing with heartbreak, loss, desperation, or whatever discombobulating social political cluster-fuck of the moment we find ourselves in. So in that spirit, here’s a link to a lil’ collection to help us get through. These songs yearn for freedom, rail against injustice, lend light in darkness, motivate movements, or simply help us get all our feelings out with their unabashed expressions of sadness, frustration, rage, and strength. Sorry, though, no Eminem freestyles here.

stay strong,

[[Tunes by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Syl Johnson, Pete Seeger, Shamir, Willie Nelson, Faith No More, Nina Simone, Angela Simpson, Handsome Furs, and then some. Unfortunately most aren’t on spotify so enjoy them in good old fashioned mp3 form]]

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